welcome my friends now that we have met...

the church of resin is not any one man or woman, but you were the church of resin when you first felt the love of cannabis. do you remember that first time when you smoked?Do you remember the first time you felt better with the help of ganja, i do. That was the church of resin....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

greater than man

god is a word used to explain an interpretation of something that we as man can not understand. for so long i have been repulsed by the idea of religion for i saw nothing but oppressing aspects. when a voice talked to me through a cannabis plant. this voice would tell me of goodness and peace and happiness. i called this voice the ganja gods. i realized that this voice was the same voice that many call god or somthing else in thier languge or religion. but to think that this force greater than man would not have many faces noises and voices to attract every country and coulture would be ignorant.

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